Our Tradition
With the rich tradition in producing the finest quality of compound chocolate and cocoa butter chocolate products, Benns has emerged and established itself as the leading manufacturer of premium compound chocolate and chocolate products in Malaysia Since its incorporation in 1999 by its owners having more than 30 years of chocolate manufacturing experience and expertise, Benns has established a network to produce, sell & distribute in more than 10 countries around the world.
Our business strategy is aimed at fulfilling customers' needs through our creativity, quick time to market, strict quality control, operation flexibility as well as efficient marketing and pricing strategies.
Our Chocolates and Chocolate Products
Benns product line includes its signature chocolate gift packs, tourist packs, premium cocoa butter chocolates and bakery confectioneries. The end-products are sold in grocery stores, departmental stores and hypermarkets locally and in several overseas markets.
We have developed a huge range of products to target specific market segments. Our registered brands are Benns, Gulliver Chocolatier, Sparky and Royale Chocolatiers.
Quality Policy
We at Benns Chocolate & Candy Manufacturer Sdn Bhd commit to the following:

To manufacture Premium Quality Chocolate products to the best interest of our customers

To create Price Competitive Products as part of the effort to increase the world's access to high quality chocolates

To ensure a hygiene & clean working environment so as to continue to produce Safe & Tasty Products

To strive to Meet & Exceed Customer's Expectations so as to ensure a sustainable business relationship

Our Mission
We strive to manufacture and market the Best in Value premium chocolate products to meet the best interest of our customers.

Our Vision
To be a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium chocolate products in South East Asia.